Musiciens' presentation

Alex de Vree

Alex de Vree - Nantes, France

On the lively Blues and folk stage in Nantes, Alex de Vree is a singular artist. He pursues an unconventional path which puzzles by the richness of his human experiences, and the talent he gets to share them on stage. Since childhood, this Franco-Netherlands man roamed from Netherlands, to the USA, Great Britain, la Réunion, France … and anchored in Nantes. He breathes old Blues, the one you play solo or with a small band. With his warm voice, Alex keeps on building a beautiful career. He received an award at the “Tremplin Blues” of the “Rendez-vous de l’Erdre 2010”. He was also invited in the most famous Blues festivals in France, such as “Cognac Blues Passions”, “Europajazz” in Le Mans, and the “Festival Blues” in Nantes. All the feedbacks about Alex were great last July. For those who still do not know him, next chance is in June 2016! More info on his Facebook page .

DJs' presentation

Tessa Lothingland

Tessa Lothingland - Exeter, England - DJ since 2000

Tessa loves old, smokey, late night jazz and funky soul, the kind of music that your body dances to because it has to.

She has been Blues dancing for 15 years at different events around the UK and she plays the tracks she loves the most.

Nathalie Scott

Nathalie Scott - Paris, France - DJ since 2008 - DJs coordinator

Nathalie Scott has been dancing since 1996. Meeting Tina Davis in 2005 at the St Louis Lindy Blues Exchange gave her the desire to DJ one day. She began collecting a wide variety of music and finally first DJed Blues in Memphis, TN in 2008. Nathalie has been DJing for many international Blues events: Bluesalicious, Blues n Soul, Bluez Cruize, Montreal Bagel 'n' Blues, Dirt Cheap Blues, North Star Blues, etc. Her passion for Blues dancing made her promote the Blues community in Paris where she has been running monthly Blues parties Blue'z Me ! since 2009.
Nathalie spends a great deal of her time categorizing and classifying her music, and she always puts a lot of energy into making sure that, no matter what she plays, she keeps the people inspired to dance!
More information about her:

Lucas Kemperman

Lucas Kemperman - London, England - DJ since 2012

Lucas has been Blues dancing since late 2012 and DJing for nearly as long. He is a regular DJ at London social events such as Blues at the Ritzy, Book Club Blues and Blues it or Fuse it. His European engagements have taken him all over the continent, from Madrid to Berlin, and from Tel Aviv to Edinburgh and Scotland via Ljubljana.
He loves to engage and inspire dancers by playing music from all over the blues spectrum as well as delving into other genres including Soul, Funk, Jazz, Pop and many different styles of electronic music.

Lucas is very much looking forward to coming back to Paris, spitting out some excellent music and getting your ass moving again this year!

Alain Andrieux

Alain Andrieux - London, England - DJ since 2012

Based in London, Alain plays Trad Blues as well as Alt/Fusion genres as a DJ since 2012. He strives for eclectic blends based on the mood of the floor.
He was recently heard combining Latin/World beats with Chillstep in the same Fusion set. In the Blues realm, he has a fondness for playful mid-tempo jazzy pieces as well as slow Chicago Blues.
Generally, he loves finding beautiful music and sharing it with the dancers.

Recent and upcoming DJing gigs include various events for trad Blues (Prague, Bristol, Paris, etc) and Alt/Fusion (NYE Blues/Fusion in Paris, Mission Fusion Extravaganza in San Francisco, etc). Alain also co-runs Azure, a unique Tango/Blues Alternative/Fusion concept in London.

Andréas Saudemont

Andréas Saudemont - Paris, France - DJ since 2014

Andréas is a regular dancer and DJ of the trad and alt Blues scene in Paris, where he lives, dances, works, and occasionally sleeps. Andréas' goal when behind the booth is to bring happiness to the dance floor and to inspire you to connect with your partner and the music.

A Blues addict since 2012, he loves diversity and strives to play all kinds of songs that will make your body move in creative ways, from old-time Blues to pop tunes to experimental pieces, and what he enjoys above all else are those slow, emotional, intense songs that will give you goosebumps and make you crave for more.

Anna Price

Anna Price - London, Engmand - DJ since 2014

Anna has always loved music of all kinds (it's genetic - she is Welsh!). Since finding partner dance in 2000 and blues dancing in 2013, she has been keen to seek out great new songs and different interpretations of classics to dance to and to share these finds with other dancers. One of the things she particularly loves about blues (both the music and the dance) is the breadth and diversity - there are songs to suit every mood and a way to dance that expresses it. She loves everything, but is particularly drawn to slow gooey songs, sweeping flowy songs, elegant jazzy songs and anything with plenty of dramatic hits! She also loves to play with different formats of playing music, such as the excitement of a DJ battle, or bringing ideas from other areas, such as playing a blues music set using the tango format of tandas with cortinas (mini sets of 3-4 themed songs separated by short 'curtain' songs).

Alexa Walker

Alexa Walker - Oxford, England - DJ since 2014

Alexa started DJing swing music in Oxford in 2014 with Blues following shortly after. Since, she has become more and more a traitor to the Swing in preference of Blues. She relish the range that Blues offers, its soul and how it informs all music that bobs around today. Given that she enjoys the whole spectrum of Blues, the music she likes to play is varied and her sets are very much informed by the vibe of the dancers she is playing for. She loves Delta Blues, with all its twangs and scratches, making her think of hot dirty days and the Mississippi. She also loves loves loves Blues with heavy beats. It just makes her want to get up and dance. As well as the correct and right reverence for the old masters she also likes finding music from modern Blues musicians as she believes they are important in maintaining the heart and Soul of the Blues scene.

Kate Getliffe

Kate Getliffe - Oxford, England - DJ since 2014

Kate has been DJing Swing and Blues for 2 years as well as 60's Rock, Soul and Pop for somewhat longer. Her favourite thing to do is combine all three of these genres (plus others!) in interesting and varied fusion sets.

However she also loves the variety to be found in Traditional Blues and will happily play anything from upbeat Country Blues, through down and dirty Chicago Blues right up to modern blues bands with traditional sounds.
She is inspired by the groovy, emotive and sometimes humerous songs that really makes her move, striving always adapt to the mood of the dancefloor.

Michel Dascalopoulos

Michel Dascalopoulos - Paris, France - DJ since 2014

Michel has been dancing since 1995, and since then, he has trained his ear to every styles of musics. But he naturally comes back to his first love: the Swing-Jazz-Blues.

Rookie in the DJ world, he started to entertain, for some years now, parties or workshops. As for his dancing, Michel is characterized by his eclecticism, and the amazing songs (old ones as new ones) he finds (with a slight preference for the Blues fusion).

It will be a first for him to share all his treasures with you at the Paris Blues Exchange, but it will be his pleasure.

Ingrid Alexandre

Ingrid Alexandre - Paris, France - DJ since 2016

Ingrid entered the world of blues throught music, first at guitar and more recently with taking up piano.

She dances on Swing musics for few years and joined the Blues dancer community last year.

She is always in search of bluesy revisited versions of standards. She will have great pleasure to share these gold nuggets with the dancers.