• Paris Blues Exchange


The Paris Blues Exchange that took place from the 10th to the 12th of June 2016 is over. We really want to thank:

The DJs and musician: Alain Andrieux, Alex de Vree, Alexa Walker, Andréas Saudemont, Anna Price, Ingrid Alexandre, Kate Getliffe, Lucas Kemperman, Michel Dascalopoulos, Nathalie Scott et Tessa Lothingland

The partners: Espace Gambetta, HelloAsso, La traverse,Point éphémère, Re-Corps, StudioDiabolo

Michel Gaudray for his lecture about the origins of Blues music

All the volunteers and photographers

Hannah and Marc for their tourism activities

All the dancers that came from 17 different countries

Sandhya, who managed housing

Last, but not least, Perdo!

Who came to the Paris Blues Exchange from 10th to 12th June 2016?

We have had dancers from:

Allemagne : Berlin, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Munich, Zurich.

Australia: Adélaïde, Melbourne, Victoria.

Belgium: Bruxelles.

Canada: Montréal.

Danemark : Copenhague.

Spain: Barcelone, Burlada, Madrid.

USA: San Luis Obispo, CA, Scottsdale, AZ, Sonoma, CA, Sunnyvale, CA.

Bordeaux, Marmande, Orléans, Paris & Ile de France, Rennes.

Italy: Cosenza.

Pays-Bas : Leyde.

Pologne : Varsovie.

Portugal : Lisbonne, Porto.

République tchèque : Prague.

England: Cambridge, Edinburgh, Exeter, London, Oxford, Newcastle, Southend-on-Sea.

Slovénie : Ljubljana.

Suisse : Morges.

Ukraine : Kiev.

The sponsors of the Paris Blues Exchange from 10th to 12th June 2016

A bit of history about the concept of an Exchange...

It all started in 1998. A group of 19 dancers from Chicago went to San Francisco because of their passion for a dance: Lindy Hop. Unwittingly, they created the first ever "Lindy Exchange" which became a cultural phenomenon. In only a few years, the "exchange calendar" was packed with events across the USA, and even across the world. Hundreds of dancers would swirl upon a city and share their passion for the dance.

The Paris Blues Exchange shares this philosophy: during a weekend, dancers from around the world share their passion for Blues dancing (Traditional & Fusion styles) and local dancers host out-of-town dancers.